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A minibus is a very useful, and almost essential, item of equipment for every care establishment. They do come with their own unique hazards however. Control the associated risks with this risk assessment but add-in your own measures to make it your own.


These risk assessments have been prepared by professionals with years of experience supporting the care industry. They have been done for you – not an empty form for you to fill in. They are a good as we can make them – and we think they are the best! They cover the majority of common hazards found in connection with providing care and provide the control measures needed to mitigate the risks. But, UK law requires that you – the employer – produce your risk assessment. So, we have added a section to each risk assessment for you to personalise it, to make it as comprehensive as possible.

Go to the risk assessment section headed ‘Additionally, these are our own site-specific hazards and risks’. Think about that particular location and that particular job, then type-in the factors unique to your building, grounds or project. Go to ‘Control Measures’ and type-in the people who need to take action. That’s it. Probably as good a risk assessment as you’re ever likely to find.


  • Hazard Assessment
  • Initial Risk Rating
  • Control Measures
  • Risk Rating After Controls
  • Own Site-Specific Hazard and Risk Assessment
  • Risk Rating Tables
  • Action Plan
  • Notes

Price: £5.00

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